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Bicycle cleaner 500 ml, sustainable bicycle cleaning agent for clean & shiny bicycles

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💪 Removes all types of dirt powerfully & effectively

🚲 Streak-free cleaning on all surfaces

👍 The universal cleaner for bicycles

🍀 Biodegradable

🇬🇧 Made in Germany

    Du kennst uns vielleicht aus

    Das Problem

    In order to decipher the ingredients of conventional bicycle cleaners, most of us would have to take extra lessons in chemistry at school. The fact is: Conventional bicycle cleaning agents contain aggressive substances that attack sensitive surfaces . In addition, direct contact poses health risks for humans and animals. The environment is also unnecessarily burdened due to the many harmful substances. It doesn't have to be!

    Die Lösung

    Sustainable products such as the Emma Grün bicycle cleaning agent work with the help of proven home remedies. They are free from environmentally harmful phosphates, acids and synthetic dyes. This is precisely why they are gentle on the material and, thanks to the high-quality natural ingredients, have a strong effect on dirt . You can even get rid of dried dirt without much effort. In short: they are true all-rounders who do what they are supposed to do without harming people or the environment.

    Die Anwendung

    Die Anwendung

    With your new Emma Grün bike cleaner, you have everything you need for a perfect cleaning of your bike in your hands. In addition to a sustainable bicycle spray, you will receive a sponge and chain oil. Due to the high-quality ingredients, all of which are based on effective natural home remedies, you can clean every part of your bike with the cleaner. Because it is suitable for cleaning rubber, paint & matt paint, plastic, carbon, chrome, aluminum and steel. From today on you only need one product to remove dirt from your bicycle frame, tyres, spokes, impeller, pedals, steering wheel, saddle and gears. Doesn't that sound wonderful? And this is how you proceed: 1. Remove coarse dirt. 2. Spray the area to be treated evenly with Emma Grün bicycle cleaning foam, leave to work for a short time and then work on with a sponge or cloth. 3. Rinse with clear water. 4. Done: Sustainable cleaning can be so easy!

    Inhaltsstoffe: Vegetable surfactants, non-ionic surfactants <5%, pyrithione, sodium salt, preservatives

    Hinweis: Stets vor der Anwendung an einer unauffälligen Stelle testen. Von Kindern fernhalten.

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    NEU: Emma ist bio-zertifiziert

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    Gabriele K.

    Habe das Produkt noch nicht ausprobiert und kann deshalb noch nichts dazu sagen.

    Überraschend gut

    Hat auch gegen Öl von der Kette geholfen. Ich bin sehr zufrieden

    Sabine J.
    Nicht gut

    MAcht einfach nicht sauber

    Super sauber geworden!

    Ich habe den Reiniger gekauft, um mein Statrad wieder flott zu machen. Reiniger drauf, eingearbeitet, nachgespült - alles wieder sauber. Bin zufrieden und würde es jederzeit wieder bestelln. Gut fand ich: Weil der Reiniger bio ist, konnte ich das Rad auch auf der Wiese reinigen und hab mir keine Sorgen um das Gras gemacht.

    Lukas T.
    Top Reiniger

    Kann den Reiniger nur weiterempfehlen, mein Mountainbike sah nach 15min aus wie neu. Sehr angenehmer Geruch und auch auf der Haut keine Probleme. Lediglich der beiliegende Schwamm könnte ein wenig größer sein.

    Ratgeber & Hintergrundinfos

    If you are always on the go with your bike, you should also clean it regularly. Of course, a bike that you ride through puddles and mud in wind and weather needs to be washed, waxed and polished much more often than a city bike that you ride around the block in the sunshine. Even mountain bikes, on which you can see the route traveled from afar after use, need a complete cleaning more often than an e-bike. We have a few interesting tips and important information for you so that your bike is completely clean again.


    This is exactly why you should clean your bike regularly!


    It goes without saying that a bicycle is a commodity and should be able to withstand a wide variety of loads. It doesn't matter whether you use it for the daily commute to work or in your free time for sporting activities or a leisurely bike ride. So that you can enjoy your bike for a long time, you have to clean and care for it regularly. Neglect of this kind leads to various types of damage, which shorten the lifespan of your bike many times over.


    For example, you can slow down or even prevent the wear and tear of various bicycle parts by cleaning and regularly greasing them. If you give your means of transport the necessary attention, you will also notice damage earlier, so that replacing certain parts is not necessary at all.


    A good example: if your bicycle chain is constantly dirty or completely muddy, it wears out sooner and can tear more quickly. With the right care, you can perfectly counteract wear and tear like this. Even cable pulls, which can hardly be discovered under everyday dirt, can block, which means that the brakes and gears no longer work optimally. Passionate cyclists know all too well how this could end. Because in the end, not only does your bike suffer damage, but also the rider himself.


    How do you properly clean your bike?


    So, now we would like to show those who are still a bit inexperienced in bike care how to properly care for their two-wheeled vehicle. Before you start, it makes sense to already have the necessary utensils at the start. This includes the following things:


    • A bucket and a sponge.
    • A watering can or garden hose.
    • An old toothbrush as well as a brush. This way you can get to the hard-to-reach places.
    • Clean cloths and soft sandpaper.
    • Sustainable universal cleaners such as the Emma Grün Bio Bicycle Cleaner .
    • Maintenance or all-round oil.


    You should avoid these things when cleaning your bike!


    Chemical cleaning agents: Since most people clean their bikes outside, you should avoid using chemical cleaning agents. We recommend that you only use products that are biodegradable. This will prevent harmful chemicals from escaping into the outside world and contaminating groundwater. Of course, this also applies if you bring your bike back into shape indoors. Because logically, the substances also get into the groundwater via the sewage treatment plants and contaminate rivers, lakes and our drinking water.


    High-pressure cleaner: Even if you might think at first that a high-pressure cleaner would get the job done faster and nothing will happen, we have to disappoint you. Due to the high pressure, water gets into the bearings. This can lead to rust damage! That's why you should take it slower and use a watering can or a garden hose for cleaning.


    Clean the frame: It is advisable to turn the bike upside down. To remove the biggest dirt, it makes sense to brush the frame with a soft brush. Then your new Emma Grün organic bike cleaner is used. Spray the product on the frame, leave it to work for a short time and use the dampened sponge to remove any dirt. Finally, rinse off any residue with clear water. Finished.


    Cleaning the wheels: work your way from the inside out! Accordingly, start by cleaning the scars and the bicycle spokes first. For this you also need a soft sponge and your organic bike cleaner. Then there are the rims. If you want them to shine particularly brightly, use an old toothbrush. A coarse brush will also do the job.


    Cleaning mudguards & pedals: When cleaning the fairings, make sure that there are no larger clumps of dirt on the underside. If residues like these come into contact with the tires while driving, they can damage the tyres. You can clean the pedals with a simple cloth. Make sure the reflectors shine again. Otherwise you don't have to be too meticulous. Because on the next bike ride they will get dirty again anyway.

    Cleaning the bicycle gears: First, you should remove all coarse dirt with a brush. If this has already formed a crust with the lubricant, we recommend that you remove it with a cleaning cloth. Now the toothbrush is used again. You can use it to clean all the places that you cannot reach with coarser utensils. Finally, the circuit is lubricated again. Now check whether the gear shift works properly. If you can shift from first to last gear without any problems, you have done a good job.


    Lubricate the brake cables: If they are made of steel, you can grease them. To make the work easier, we advise you to unhook the brakes in advance. To do this, you have to loosen the inner cables in the clamping area and then remove the cable from the stop. Good tip: The outer sleeves can now be moved and you can grease the brake cables better.


    You should also check the brake pads for bumps. If there are any, you can adjust them using fine sandpaper. If you are unsure about this or major repairs are pending: Always consult a specialist!


    Clean and grease the bicycle chain: Here, too, remove coarse dirt from the chain. You can then place a damp cloth over the bicycle chain. Now you turn the rear wheel so that it can rotate once around itself. This is truly the easiest way to get your bike chain clean again. Finally, you have to grease the chain. The best result is achieved if you supply fat to each link separately. Also remember: sometimes less is more!