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📦 Over 51,000 customers 🚚 1-3 days delivery time
📦 Over 51,000 customers 🚚 1-3 days delivery time

Mop robot cleaning agent concentrate 500 ml, cleaning agent for vacuum and wiping robots with a pine scent

Original price €19,95
Original price €37,90
Current price €19,95
500.0 ml | €39,90 / l
VAT included.
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in stock, ready to be shipped

🏠 Perfect for all types of water-resistant floors & surfaces

🤖 Suitable for all common electric floor & pressure washers - e.g. Roborock, iRobot, Ecovacs, Bravia or Zaco

🏡 Streak-free, material-friendly, quick-drying

🍀 Biodegradable

🇬🇧 Made in Germany

Mengenvorteile: 1 x wiper robot concentrate
€39,90 / 1 l
€30,95 / 1 l
(22% savings)
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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Es muss noch nachgebessert werden

Das Mittel ist schon ok. Macht sauber riecht gut und hinterlässt keine schlieren auf dem Boden. In Kombination mit meinem Xiaomi x10+ kann ich es leider nicht empfehlen. Es schäumt relativ stark, dadurch läuft immer etwas reinigungswasser aus der station wenn die Wischer Pads gereinigt werden. Außerdem flockt es nach einiger Zeit im frischwasserbehälter aus, ob dies allerdings zu einem verstopfen führt kann ich nicht sagen da ich das direkt entfernt habe. Auch unterschiedliche Dosierungen habe ich hierbei probiert. Der Geruch könnte etwas intensiver sein da er auch sehr angenehm ist aber kaum auffällt. Alles in allem ein gutes Produkt was aber auf den Saug Roboter ankommt.

Tut im Großen und Ganzen was er soll

Wir nutzen den Reiniger in unserem Roborock. Der Geruch ist frisch, aber auch leicht künstlich und verfliegt sehr schnell. Die Reinigungsleistung ist in Ordnung, bei den Pfotenabdrücken unseres Hundes ist allerdings kein Unterschied zu reinem Wasser im Wischroboter zu erkennen.Was uns stört: der Reiniger schäumt stark. Selbst bei der Hälfte der empfohlenen Dosierung ist viel Schaum im Abwassertank, und man sollte den Reiniger keinesfalls vor dem Wasser in den Frischwassertank geben.Alles in Allem ein tauglicher Reiniger, aber für den Preis gibt es definitiv bessere Produkte.

Super mit Yeedi Mop Station

Habe den Reiniger mit meiner Yeedi Mop Station verwendet und bin bisher sehr zufrieden. Sowohl auf Fliesen im Bad als auch auf unserem Holzparkett hat es gut funktioniert. Weitere Flaschengrößen wären noch wünschenswert.

Schonendes und natürliches Reibungsmittel für meinen ROIDMI EVA 🙂

Ich war auf der suche nach einem schonenden und nicht angeressiven Reinigungsmittel für meinen ROIDMI EVA. Dieser besitzt eine Station mit Frisch/Abwasser und rotierenden Wischmopps. Laut Hersteller kann sollte man deren Mittel benutzen was es allerdings hier nicht auf direkt Weg gibt.Funktioniert einwandfrei, sehr geringe Schaubildung, sehr schöner Geruch der allerdings nicht so lange anhält in der Wohnung aber es ist ja auch kein Raumduft 😅.Perfekte schlierenfreie Reinigung bei Fliesen. Zudem sind die Wischmopps sauberer als vorher und riechen angenehmer auch nach der Reinigung. Der Abwasser Tank riecht daher auch besser als nur die Reinigung mit Wasser 🙂Zur Dosierung nehme ich 4 Kappen(Deckel) von der Flasche auf den ganzen Wassertank knapp 4 Liter.Somit reicht die Flasche eine ganze Zeit.Werde ich bestimmt wieder bestellen 🙂👍

Super für unseren Saugroboter

Der Versand war zügig und gut verpackt. Ich habe das Reinigungsmittel direkt in den Frischwassertank von unserer Station gegeben. Eine Kappe reicht dabei. Das Reinigungsmittel richt frisch und reinigt ohne streifen. Ich bin mit dem Produkt sehr zufrieden und werde es wieder bestellen.

The problem

Chemical cleaners contain ingredients that are harmful to the environment, people and their pets. In addition, many of them are so aggressive that they are not suitable for delicate surfaces. Agents like these often also leave behind a greasy film that leaves floors with anything but a fresh shine. When we consider that toddlers and pets move on all fours over surfaces like this, we should be concerned on several counts .

The solution

Sustainable cleaners such as the Emma Grün floor cleaner for floor mopping robots are based on natural ingredients and are free of chemical dyes and acids. To do this, they do their job with the help of high-quality home remedies that are gentle on the material and take effective and powerful action against dirt. On top of that, they are not a burden on our environment due to the substances that cause concern and are harmless to humans and their pets .

The application

The application

The material-friendly Emma Grün cleaning agent for vacuum wipers is suitable for all common manufacturer brands, such as robot vacuum cleaners for iRobot, Ecovacs, Roborock, Bravia or Zaco. What awaits you is a perfect, streak-free cleaning with additional care. You'll see: Even joints that are difficult to clean will be clean again. And this without any questionable ingredients. This means that your water-resistant floors and surfaces made of PVC, linoleum, plastic, natural stone, marble, glass, vinyl, as well as your tiles, your sealed parquet and your laminate will be sparkling clean again and shine with a fresh shine. And this is how you use your new environmentally friendly robot mop cleaner: 1. Dilute 20 milliliters of Emma Green floor cleaner concentrate with 1.2 liters of cold water. 2. We then recommend that you follow the instructions for use and the information provided by the respective device manufacturer. Then nothing can go wrong. All you can expect is streak-free cleanliness the eco-friendly way. By the way: You can use the high-yield concentrate as a floor cleaner for suction wipers, floor cleaner for high-pressure cleaners, floor cleaners/wet vacuum cleaners and as a floor cleaner/mopping robot.

Suitable surfaces

Every surface needs its own treatment - from smooth leather to wood to
Marble. Here you can see where you can best use the product.


Note: Always test on an inconspicuous area before use. Keep away from children.

The Emma Green 100% Satisfaction Promise

The Emma Green 100% Satisfaction Promise

We stand for sustainable and effective products at fair prices and are only happy when you, the customer, are too. We are grateful that you have placed your trust in our young team more than fifty thousand times. This spurs us on anew every day.

If something goes wrong with your order, you can return your product free of charge . True to our motto "Everything for your smile".

If you have questions about orders and products, you can always reach us via chat or email.

We look forward to hearing from you

~ Jannik & Louis

Founder of Emma Green

Fast shipping, secure payment & best price

Fast shipping, secure payment & best price

When it comes to dirt, small repairs and handicraft projects, things have to be done quickly . That's why we always ship your order the very next day. If you order early, even on the same day.

This means that you usually have your order in your hands within two days (within Germany).

We also want to make sure you get the best price here. If you find our products somewhere cheaper, just send us a message . You can pay as you prefer, from bank transfer to PayPal to credit card

Fast, reliable, safe. Anything for your smile.

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Advice & background information

Smells are a part of our lives: some stink to high heaven and others give us a wonderful sense of well-being. We also perceive some of them completely unconsciously. Unfortunately, many of them are made synthetically. Unfortunately, we forget far too often that this type of scent is not only good for human health, but that it can also make our pets sick. In the following text we would like to give you an understanding of where we encounter them in everyday life and what they can do.


What are fragrances?


Fragrances are substances that independently give off a scent, enhance a scent or emphasize a scent. About 3,000 different types are used as fragrances in our everyday products. But be careful: There are significant differences between the individual fragrances. Thus, some are derived from plants or animals and fall under the category of natural fragrances. Others are synthetic compounds and belong to the category of artificial fragrances. They do not serve a direct health purpose. They are only there to appeal to people emotionally, but this can also have an indirect impact on our mental and physical well-being. However, some people are very sensitive to fragrances. The result: Allergic reactions and other health problems that should not be underestimated.


That's why natural fragrances are the better choice!


Yes, it's true: Natural fragrances can trigger headaches and allergic reactions in sensitive people in the same way as synthetic fragrances. However, natural fragrances have the advantage that they do not contain any harmful substances such as phthalates (softeners) or hormonally active substances. OK, not every synthetic fragrance has ingredients like these: but a large number do.


This is completely different with essential, i.e. natural, oils. Their use does not pose any health risks to humans or their pets. They can also be better broken down by the body than the synthetic specimens. Furthermore, naturally derived fragrances have a major impact on human well-being. It has also been proven that they have a calming, invigorating, anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect on our organism.

Synthetic fragrances: they surround us everywhere!


The fact is: most people like to surround themselves with fragrant scents. This fact is cleverly used as a marketing strategy by manufacturers of a wide variety of products. Because whether it's shower gel, cat litter, scented toilet paper or household cleaners: almost every everyday product has fragrances added to it. We are regularly aware of this fact when shopping in the supermarket or drugstore. The problem: from an economic point of view, unfortunately far too many manufacturers use synthetic models. The question of "why" is quickly answered: They are cheaper to produce and generate a better profit. They haven't had a good name for a long time. But how problematic are they really and what do they do to living beings' bodies and the environment?


This is how synthetic fragrances affect our health!


Numerous studies show that regular contact with synthetic fragrances can trigger allergies in humans and animals. Breathing in the chemicals can also make asthma worse and some undeclared ingredients can even cause cancer. Another problem is the plasticizers (phthalates) they contain. They are known for being able to change the hormone balance in the organism of living beings. Usually less problematic for an adult than for small children. Because of their size, smaller organisms cannot metabolize toxins as well, which means the chemicals can accumulate in adipose tissue over time.


What are the health consequences of synthetic fragrances on our pets?


Pets, including dogs and cats, ingest synthetic fragrances either through the air or by licking their paws. Because with the regular use of cleaning agents and everyday products mixed with artificial fragrances, the chemical substances are not just floating around in the air. They are also deposited on the floor or in carpets. If they then groom themselves or lick their paws, they absorb the highly concentrated toxic substances through their tongues. The problem: With this specific oral absorption, the harmful substances get into the blood system much faster than if they were absorbed through the skin or lungs. Also keep in mind that this type of recording also applies to toddlers who are crawling around!


Common signs that can occur in animals but also in humans after contact with synthetic fragrances are, for example, persistent sneezing, dizziness, skin irritation, shortness of breath and flu-like symptoms. Due to the fact that toxins are broken down by the liver, digestive problems can also occur. The immune system and the musculoskeletal system can also be impaired by long-term contact with artificial fragrances.


For this reason, we should, wherever possible, avoid products that contain synthetic fragrances and prefer to use ecological products. Various products such as scented candles, cleaning agents, washing powder and the like are now commercially available as sustainable alternatives. They are available with or without a subtle scent made from natural substances. Ventilating more often also helps to get rid of bad smells. Properly practiced, regular airing in the same breath reduces the exposure to indoor fragrances.


Synthetic fragrances: how is the environment reacting?


Fragrances find their way into our wastewater primarily through cleaning agents and detergents as well as through the use of fabric softeners. If they are not then biodegradable, they can cause great damage to the environment. This is also a problematic matter for humans. Because there are still older sewage treatment plants in use across Germany that are not even able to completely filter and break down various chemicals. As a result, the chemical substances get into our drinking water and we absorb them every day. Each of us can imagine what this additional burden means in the long run.


To avoid this, each individual must change their consumption behavior. You can already make a start with sustainable cleaning products. Because they come without any questionable ingredients, can be used in a variety of ways, are economical and clean and care for them gently and effectively thanks to the high-quality home remedies. In this way you make a positive contribution to a healthy environment, protect your loved ones and also save money. Conscious action really couldn't be easier.