Five extraordinary uses for your Emma Green concentrates

Fünf außergewöhnliche Anwendungsmöglichkeiten für deine Emma Grün Konzentrate

Our customers have used Emma Green concentrates in a wide variety of areas and shared them with us. Here you can see a small selection of five creative and useful applications.

1. Bring flower pots into shape Especially in spring, when everything is blooming and thriving, it is time for the flower pots to come out of their hibernation. The Emma Green Cleaner not only removes soil and water stains, but also makes the colors of the pots shine again - and all without any harmful chemicals.

2. Make your sneakers shine Who would have thought that our sneakers could look like new again so easily? Whether rubber, textile, even on the sole, dirt has no chance.

3. Clean upholstery The cat ate something wrong and threw up on the couch, the child spread chocolate all over the place and the finger bled on the sofa? Don't worry, the all-purpose cleaner will help.

4. Make your fridge shine The all-purpose cleaner shows its true strength in the kitchen. From fridges and microwaves to marble countertops. Grease and food stains disappear in no time and the surfaces shine - without aggressive chemicals.

5. Freshen up the car interior Some of you have also used the all-purpose cleaner in your car. Dashboards, seat covers and plastic parts in the interior are effectively freed of dust and stains, and the pleasant scent of the cleaner creates a fresh atmosphere. "Cedarwood & Lemongrass" is a particular insider tip here. :)