The Emma Grün Sustainability Scale

Why are we reporting here in such detail?

Sustainability is only possible in a holistic manner , and for a company like Emma Grün, this means along the entire supply chain . This begins with the raw materials and continues through production, sale and use to the end of life and thus the disposal or recycling of our bottles, cans and packaging.

How does the Emma Green sustainability scale work?

We want to make our actions as transparent as possible on this page and have therefore introduced a simple rating system . From one Emma (we need to improve here) to five Emmas (we are very happy here). We did not give ourselves five Emmas in any category - because we believe that we can always do a little better. You can see in detail what we have achieved so far and our next goals in the slider at the bottom.

How can I contribute?

We are delighted that you are working with us to make the world a little more sustainable through Emma Grün. Do you have concrete suggestions on how we can become even better in terms of sustainability? Send us an email to - we look forward to hearing from you!

1/5 Here we are not meeting our own standards at all and need to change something as quickly as possible.

2/5 We know that we have to do something. We have concrete measures on the table that we will implement as soon as possible.

3/5 We are relatively satisfied with the current status. However, we want to constantly improve and are already making improvements.

4/5 We are satisfied. But we keep our eyes open and actively look for further improvements.

5/5 We are completely satisfied and currently see no room for improvement.


✔ We develop, produce and package exclusively in Germany.
✔ We work with small businesses that we pay fairly.
✔ Our production partners heat their homes using low-energy district heating.

📝 We will invest in larger machines that will enable us to fill large quantities more efficiently and therefore save energy.


✔ We do not use any toxic chemicals that require labeling in our products.
✔ We use natural ingredients such as beeswax or citric acid as active substances.
✔ We are constantly developing our recipes
towards less dependence on synthetic materials.

📝 We want all of our products to be free of petroleum-based ingredients. To achieve this, we are currently investing in research and development in our laboratory.


✔ We send larger shipments with filling material that we obtain from old cardboard boxes.
✔ We balance our packaging load
(Certified by the Green Dot).

📝 We are currently converting all of our 500ml bottles to an even more space-saving, fully recycled bottle shape.
📝 We are currently working on storage containers (5L) to refill your bottles, so that less packaging waste and transport emissions are emitted.


✔ We ship climate-neutrally with DHL and the German Post.
✔ We are constantly expanding our range to include bulk packs and canisters. This means you only have to order once and you will have supplies for a long time.

📝 We plant a tree with every order to offset further environmental impacts caused by shipping. We are currently looking for an even more reliable partner who can take care of the planting on site for us.

end of life

✔ The PCR bottles are immediately ready for the next recycling cycle after use.
✔ The majority of our products are biodegradable, over 90%. This keeps the environmental impact low.

📝 We will convert all our packaging to full PCR so that it can go into the next recycling cycle.

corporate governance

✔ We organize our company remotely - we
thus avoiding environmental pollution and heating costs.
✔ We regularly exchange ideas about our approach with sustainability consultants.
✔ We study our actions scientifically at Stanford University and the Technical University of Munich. There we teach some teaching modules on sustainability.

📝 In the future, we want to buy our electronics remanufactured in order to reduce the strain on our work equipment.

Organic certified 🎉

We are extremely proud: Emma Grün is certified organic for the sale of organic food by the Prüfgesellschaft ökologischer Landbau mbH (control body code: DE-ÖKO-007) Find out more here