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📦 Over 51,000 customers 🚚 1-3 days delivery time

Nicotine remover 500 ml, nicotine cleaner against yellow & odor, soot cleaner for wipeable surfaces

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💪 Works powerfully against yellowing & soot

🏠 Various uses - whether car, door or radiator

🌿 Without questionable ingredients

🇬🇧 Made in Germany

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 7 reviews
    Einfach begeistert

    Ich habe eine Küche zu reinigen gehabt, die mit Nikotin und Fett überzogen war. Nun wollte ich aber keine Chemiekeule benutzen. Ich habe mich dann für diesen Reiniger von Emma grün entschieden und bin absolut begeistert. Ich hatte gehofft, dass sich der Belag mit mehreren Anwendungen entfernen lässt und war positiv überrascht, dass es mit etwas Einwirkzeit, gleich bei der 1. Anwendung entfernen ließ. Einfach Klasse

    N. N.
    Tolles Produkt!

    Wir sind bisher sehr zufrieden. Ob es wirklich hält was es verspricht sehen wir in ein paar Wochen. Gut aufzutragen und abzureiben.


    Hab mir das Spray für die Wohnung meiner Eltern gekauft . Beide starke Raucher. Bis dahin hatte ich schon einige andere Produte ausprobiert, jedoch ohne befriedigendes Ergebnis.Das Spray von Emma Grün aber Kann ich nur weiterempfelen! Alles sehr gut sauber geworden auch ohne ewiges schrubben .



    Petra Möller
    Habe mir mehr versprochen.

    Habe mir von den Produkt etwas mehr versprochen. Da ich es für unsere Heizkörper nehmen wollte da sie etwas vergilbt sind. Hatte es auch lange einwirken lassen aber es hat so gut wie nichts gebracht denke mal dass es hartnäckigen Schmutz nicht beseitigen kann. In der Küche an den Schränken da wir beide Raucher sind klappte es schon besser. Der Geruch ist in Ordnung aber für älteren Schmutz klappt es nicht so gut.

    The problem

    Most 0815 nicotine and soot eliminators work on the surface, masking unpleasant odors with synthetic fragrances. But not enough that the chemical ingredients harm people and the environment, superficial cleaning is not enough for deep-seated dirt like this. The result: Aggressive substances only remove the dirt on the surface and the disgusting smells reappear faster than we would like.

    The solution

    Sustainable nicotine and soot remover does not attack sensitive surfaces and also cleans deeply . This enables the complete removal of stubborn dirt, yellowing and unpleasant smells. If they also have a dirt-repellent beading effect , such as that offered by Emma Grün Nicotine Remover/Cleaner Plastic , all surfaces are also protected against quick new dirt. In addition, the cleaning is not at the expense of the environment due to the natural ingredients.

    The application

    The application

    The Emma Green Nicotine and Soot Remover is your new special cleaner for removing stubborn yellowing and unpleasant odors and as a soot remover/wall. The good thing about it: It is extremely gentle on the material. That's why you can use it to clean various materials, such as nicotine remover/wood, tiles, stainless steel and plastic. Surfaces of doors, window frames, wood, radiators, furniture and car interiors become sparkling clean again with the help of your sustainable cleaner and the stink that stinks to high heaven also disappears. The application is also child's play: 1. Remove coarse dust and dirt. 2. Spray the cleaning foam evenly on the surfaces to be treated. 3. Then let it work in for a short time and then rub thoroughly with a soft sponge or cloth. 4. Rinse with clear water and wipe dry. 5. Done! In the case of particularly stubborn dirt, you may have to repeat the application.

    Suitable surfaces

    Every surface needs its own treatment - from smooth leather to wood to
    Marble. Here you can see where you can best use the product.


    Note: Always test on an inconspicuous area before use. Keep away from children.

    The Emma Green 100% Satisfaction Promise

    The Emma Green 100% Satisfaction Promise

    We stand for sustainable and effective products at fair prices and are only happy when you, the customer, are too. We are grateful that you have placed your trust in our young team more than fifty thousand times. This spurs us on anew every day.

    If something goes wrong with your order, you can return your product free of charge . True to our motto "Everything for your smile".

    If you have questions about orders and products, you can always reach us via chat or email.

    We look forward to hearing from you

    ~ Jannik & Louis

    Founder of Emma Green

    Fast shipping, secure payment & best price

    Fast shipping, secure payment & best price

    When it comes to dirt, small repairs and handicraft projects, things have to be done quickly . That's why we always ship your order the very next day. If you order early, even on the same day.

    This means that you usually have your order in your hands within two days (within Germany).

    We also want to make sure you get the best price here. If you find our products somewhere cheaper, just send us a message . You can pay as you prefer, from bank transfer to PayPal to credit card

    Fast, reliable, safe. Anything for your smile.

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    Advice & background information

    Dirt lurks everywhere. Some are easier to get rid of and others are a lot harder to remove. One kind of dirt is truly a stubborn caliber. We are talking about nicotine discoloration. But don't worry: With the right home remedy, you can get these contaminants under control without using chemicals. You can find out how and with which environmentally friendly means in the following text.


    That's why nicotine deposits are more dangerous than cigarette smoke!


    Once nicotine has literally eaten its way into the surface of a material as an ugly yellow haze, it is extremely difficult to get rid of it again. But this is not the only problem that nicotine deposits cause. If they are not removed at regular intervals, they can combine with nitrogen compounds in the air to form carcinogenic substances that are not even present in cigarette smoke. Over time, these carcinogenic compounds accumulate in high concentrations and are many times more harmful than the smoke from a lit cigarette. People who stay in so-called smoking rooms then unconsciously absorb the toxins through the respiratory tract and the skin. Young children in particular are at risk for a passive recording like this, as they lick off a lot of things and put them in their mouths.


    How do you get rid of nicotine stains?


    If, for various reasons, smoking is unavoidable in the car or the interior, the only way to prevent the unsightly yellow stains from penetrating deep into the material is to clean it regularly. However, chemical cleaners are not required for this. You can do without!


    Nicotine is an oily substance. In order to get rid of the yellow film, the respective cleaning agent must be able to dissolve grease. For this we recommend a sustainable nicotine cleaner such as the nicotine remover/furniture from Emma Grün . You can apply it diluted for light soiling or use it undiluted for severe yellowing. Since it is free of chemical substances such as phosphates, alkalis or acids, you don't have to worry about your sensitive surfaces, your loved ones or the environment. But you can also get rid of the unpleasant veil with some home remedies. Now you can find out how.


    How do you remove nicotine from plastic?


    If you want to remove nicotine deposits from plastic, you should either use sustainable nicotine remover/plastic or use a universal cleaner without chemical solvents. Environmentally friendly products that contain high-quality plant-based surfactants, such as the Emma Green Nicotine and Soot Remover , are particularly effective. They are free of questionable ingredients and are suitable as nicotine remover/window frames and all other surfaces and also for use in the food sector.


    But you can also get rid of the yellow discolouration on plastic surfaces such as window frames or doors with citric or acetic acid. Simply mix one of the two home remedies with lukewarm water and wipe the areas to be treated with a soft cloth.


    How to remove nicotine from wooden surfaces?


    Citrus fruits also prove to be real helpers in times of need on wooden surfaces. However, make sure that you give your wooden surfaces enough attention after cleaning and pamper them with the right care, such as natural beeswax or wool wax. Furthermore, neutral soaps, which you can easily dissolve in water, are suitable for removing the stubborn haze.


    How do you get nicotine deposits out of the car interior?


    Cleaning a smoker's car and getting rid of the unpleasant smell is far more time-consuming than cleaning individual surfaces. The unpleasant smell in particular is a stubborn evil that can only be mastered with the help of a thorough cleaning. You proceed as follows:


    1. Before you start cleaning, you should completely empty your vehicle. If your car is equipped with protective covers, they must also be removed for a wash in the machine. Of course, you should also empty the ashtray!


    2. Then you have to take the floor mats out of your car and knock them out. Now the interior is thoroughly vacuumed. Don't forget to remove dirt from under the seat upholstery, all spaces, the center console, storage compartments, the trunk cover and the entire trunk.


    3. Now the dashboard, the side compartments of the doors, the center console as well as the steering wheel and the sun visor are to be cleaned. For this you need a nicotine-dissolving plastic cleaner. For effective cleanliness we recommend the Emma Green Nicotine Remover/Auto . Keep in mind that there is a possibility that you will have to repeat the process if it is very dirty.


    4. Now it's the turn of the windows. You will see: The strongest nicotine residues are always on the windshield. They cause unpleasant odors and have to go! Use our sustainable Emma Grün universal cleaner for cleaning. Then wash off with lukewarm water and rub dry.


    5. Nicotine deposits and bad odors also settle in the headlining, the floor mats, the trunk cover and the seat upholstery. You can also use your new nicotine cleaner from Emma Grün to remove them. Simply spray on, let it take effect and then remove the residue with clear water.


    Good tip: We recommend using a wet and dry vacuum cleaner to clean the floor mats. You should then treat your plastic surfaces, the headlining and your seat upholstery with the right care. They are optimally protected against external influences such as cold, heat, UV radiation and the stresses of everyday life. By the way: You don't have to look far: We at Emma Grün have the perfect sustainable product for you for every type of cleaning and care!


    6. So now you're almost there. Finally, there are the air vents. Because here, too, nicotine deposits accumulate, which ensure that your car smells unpleasantly of stale cigarette smoke. For this we recommend a compressed air spray, with which you can also get hard-to-reach places clean. It makes cleaning a lot easier for you and you can also use it to clean your computer keyboard.


    Finally, it makes sense to just replace the cabin filter. After all the applications, the interior of your car is clean again. Even the disgusting smell of nicotine has disappeared after a complete cleaning with the right products. Due to the fact that smoking cars not only stink inside, but that the stench that eats up everywhere also represents a depreciation, it is now up to you whether you want to continue smoking in the car or rather not.