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Stone pine oil 30 ml, essential oil naturally pure & highly dosed, sustainable wild growth

The best from the Swiss stone pine! Our versatile Swiss stone pine oil without additives.

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For cooking creations & well-being

Against bland dishes & smells

For woody-fresh aromas

Natural raw materials

Made with sustainably grown wild plants.

Recyclable packaging

We avoid unnecessary plastic and instead use brown glass and paper.

No additives

Our essential oils are 100% natural and highly dosed.

Goodbye chemicals. Hello cleanliness, leather care & well-being.

Organic certified 🎉

We are extremely proud: Emma Grün is certified organic for the sale of organic food by the Prüfgesellschaft ökologischer Landbau mbH (control body code: DE-ÖKO-007) Find out more here


The pure Emma Grün stone pine oil comes from the untouched forests of the Austrian Alps. Here the stone pine (Pinus cembra) grows in its natural habitat and develops its unique, powerful aromas under optimal climatic conditions. The combination of fresh mountain air and rich soil enables the trees to fully develop their valuable ingredients.


We source our stone pine oil from sustainable wild growth in the Austrian Alps. The stone pine is harvested by hand to disturb nature as little as possible. Our partner companies work according to strict ecological standards and use traditional methods to ensure the highest quality and purity of the oil. Distillation takes place directly after the harvest using gentle steam distillation.


The Swiss stone pine (Pinus cembra) belongs to the pine family (Pinaceae) and grows in the high altitudes of the Alps. These majestic trees can grow up to 25 metres tall and have a characteristic, cracked bark. The needles of the Swiss stone pine are arranged in clusters and give off an intense, resinous scent. The wood and needles are rich in essential oils known for their calming and revitalising properties.


The Emma Green stone pine oil exudes a fresh, woody scent with spicy and slightly citrus notes. Perfect for an invigorating and refreshing atmosphere.

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The Swiss stone pine: an all-rounder

The Swiss stone pine, also known as Arve, Swiss stone pine or Zierbelkiefer, is native mainly to the Alps and the Carpathians and has been valued for its special properties for centuries. In this article, we answer the most frequently asked questions about this graceful tree and show why it is so special.

What kind of tree is the Swiss stone pine?

The Swiss stone pine (Pinus sylvestris) is a tree species in the pine family (Pinaceae). Sheare characteristic of the high mountain regions of the Alps and the Carpathians, where they occur at altitudes of about 1,500 to 2,300 metersThe Swiss stone pine can grow up to 25 metres tall and is characterised by a long lifespan. Specimens with over 1,000 annual rings are not uncommon.

Stone pine is known for its pleasant scent and resistance to rot, which is why it is often used in furniture making, especially stone pine bedroom furniture, as well as stone pine decorative items. The wood is also valued for making carvings and in traditional folk art.

A remarkable feature of the Swiss stone pine istheir positive influence on human health. Studies have shown that theThe scent of pine wood can increase well-being, improve sleep quality and even reduce heart rateThese properties make products made of pine wood particularly popular for use in living spaces to create a natural and relaxing atmosphere.

The Swiss stone pine is also an important part of the mountain ecosystem. It provides habitat and food for many animal species and helps to stabilize mountain soils, which reduces the risk of erosion and avalanches. Due to its ability to survive and thrive in harsh climate conditions, the Swiss stone pine plays a crucial role in the alpine forest ecosystem.

What role does the Swiss stone pine play for the environment?

As mentioned above, the Swiss stone pine plays an essential role in the environment, especially in the ecosystems of the alpine and subalpine regions where it occurs naturally. Its environmental contributions extend across several levels:

1. Biodiversity and habitat

The Swiss stone pineprovides habitat and food for a variety of animal speciesBirds such as the crossbill feed on their seeds, while various insect species live in their bark and under their canopy. TheirPresence contributes to the conservation of biodiversity in the Alpine regions.

2. Soil erosion and water storage

Through herdeep root system helps the Swiss stone pine to stabilize the soil and reduce erosion, which is particularly important in mountainous areas. It also improves water retention in the soil, which helps regulate the local water balance and can be beneficial in dry periods.

3. Carbon sequestration

As part of the global carbon cycle, Swiss stone pines capture CO2 from the atmosphere and store carbon in both their biomass and the soil. This processcontributes to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and thus has a positive effect on climate change.

4. Air quality

The Swiss stone pine contributes toImprove air quality by filtering pollutantsand oxygen is produced. This is especially important in mountainous regions, where air quality has a direct impact on the health of people and animals.

5. Climate resilience

Because of its adaptability to harsh environmental conditions, the Swiss pine helps promote resilient ecosystems that are better able to adapt to climate change. Its ability to thrive at high altitudes where other tree species cannot survive makes it an important part of the alpine flora.

6. Ecological interactions

The Swiss stone pine is part of a complex ecological network in which it interacts with other plant species as well as fungi and microorganisms. These interactionspromote soil health and support a diverse ecosystem.

7. Tradition and culture

In addition to its ecological functions, the Swiss stone pine also plays a cultural role in the regions where it occurs. It is part of the traditional landscape and is used in folk art, construction and the manufacture of household items, enriching the local economy and culture.

Overall, the Swiss stone pine is an excellent example of how individual tree species can have positive impacts on the environment and climate, while at the same time forming the basis for biodiverse and functioning ecosystems.

How is stone pine used?

Stone pine wood has a wide range of applications in different areas due to its unique properties. Here are some of the most common uses of stone pine wood:

  • Furniture manufacturing:Due to thecalming effect and pleasant scent, which can help improve sleep quality, Swiss stone pine is often used to make beds, bedside tables and wardrobes. Swiss stone pine is also valued for its aesthetic and functional qualities in living room furniture such as sofas, tables and shelves.
  • Interior design:Swiss stone pine is used for wall and ceiling cladding to give rooms a warm and natural ambience. It offers an attractive and durable solution for floors that create a cozy atmosphere.
  • Wellness and health products:Due to its resistance to moisture and its pleasant aroma, pine wood is a popular choice for building saunas. Pine wood is also used to make pine pillows and decorative items for the bedroom that promote well-being and contribute to better sleep.
  • Crafts and decoration:The wood is also used for traditional carvings and handicrafts due to its softness and workability. From picture frames to candle holders, Swiss stone pine products are valued for their beauty and natural scent.
  • Storage and packaging:Stone pine containers are used for storing food such as bread or cheese as the wood has antibacterial properties and neutralizes odors. Its aesthetic quality also makes it a preferred choice for high-quality packaging and gift boxes.
  • Stone pine oil:From theEssential oils are extracted from the wood, needles and pine cones of the Swiss stone pine, which are used in many applications. The big advantage: the majestic trees do not have to be felled to extract stone pine oil.

The wide range of uses of Swiss stone pine demonstrates how this natural material enriches human health, well-being and aesthetics in interiors and product design.

Stone pine wood care: What should you pay attention to?

The care of products made of Swiss stone pine is relatively easy, as the wood is naturally robust and contains essential oils that give it a natural resistance to pests such as moths and protect it from rotHowever, there are some care tips that will help preserve the beauty and scent of Swiss stone pine products for years to come:

  1. Remove dust regularly:Use a soft, dry cloth or soft brush to remove dust and dirt. Regular cleaning keeps the surface clean and prevents dirt from settling.
  2. Avoid direct sunlight:Protect pine wood products from prolonged exposure to direct sunlight. UV rays can bleach the wood and reduce its natural aroma. A sheltered location helps to preserve the color and scent of the wood.
  3. Protect from moisture:Avoid direct contact with water or other liquids. Although pine wood can withstand moisture to a certain extent, prolonged moisture will lead to deformation or the formation of mold. A dehumidifier can be useful in damp rooms.
  4. Refresh your scent naturally:If the characteristic pine scent fades over time, you can lightly sand the surface with fine sandpaper. This opens the pores of the wood and releases the fresh scent again.
  5. Use natural care products sparingly:Although pine wood is naturally oily, you can use a special wood care oil if necessary. Choose oils that are suitable for the natural material and use them sparingly to preserve the natural character of the wood.
  6. Ensure good air circulation:Ensure adequate air circulation indoors. This prevents moisture buildup and associated damage.
  7. Store properly:If you want to store pine products temporarily, make sure that the storage location is dry and well ventilated. This will prevent mold and moisture damage.

By following the care tips mentioned above, you can enjoy the unique benefits of your Swiss stone pine products in the long term. Its natural beauty, calming scent and positive effects on the indoor climate make Swiss stone pine a valuable part of your home. If you would like to learn more about this majestic tree and its unique properties, just take a look at ourBlogover. It remains interesting!