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Organic rosemary oil 30 ml, essential oil, pure & high dosage, organic quality

The best of rosemary! Our versatile organic rosemary oil without additives.

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For cooking creations & well-being

Against bland dishes & smells

For herbaceous-fresh organic aromas

Raw materials from organic farming

Produced in controlled organic farming.

Recyclable packaging

We avoid unnecessary plastic and instead use brown glass and paper.

No additives

Our essential oils are 100% natural and highly dosed.

Goodbye chemicals. Hello cleanliness, leather care & well-being.

Organic certified 🎉

We are extremely proud: Emma Grün is certified organic for the sale of organic food by the Prüfgesellschaft ökologischer Landbau mbH (control body code: DE-ÖKO-007) Find out more here


The pure Emma Green organic rosemary oil comes from the sun-drenched growing areas of the Greek Mediterranean coast. Here, rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis) grows under ideal climatic conditions. The Mediterranean climate and the mineral-rich soils enable the plant to optimally develop and unfold its valuable ingredients such as cineole and camphor.


We source our rosemary oil from small, family-run businesses in Greece. These farms focus on sustainable and organic cultivation and adhere to the strictest organic standards. The rosemary is traditionally harvested by hand and processed directly on site using gentle steam distillation to ensure the highest purity and quality of the oil.


Rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis) belongs to the mint family (Lamiaceae) and thrives particularly well in the warm, dry regions of the Mediterranean. The evergreen plant forms needle-like leaves and small, blue flowers. It is known for its intense, spicy-tart scent and its versatile uses in cooking and aromatherapy.


Emma Green Organic Rosemary Oil exudes an intense, spicy-tart and herbaceous scent that is invigorating and refreshing. Ideal for a clear and stimulating atmosphere.

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Manuela U.
Klasse auch als Raumduft

Das Öl ist als Lebensmittel zertifiziert und wohl ein echtes Bio-Produkt 👍👍👍
Deswegen habe ich es mit gutem Gewissen in meinen Diffusor gepackt und bin sehr zufrieden. Ich werde vielleicht ein paar andere Öle auch noch probieren 😊😊😊

Stanislaw Z.
Tolles öl

Das Produkt ist meiner Ansicht nach gut.
Ich habe es bereits als Öl Kur für Haare ausprobiert. Auf der Haut fühlt es sich belebend an, es riecht gut, ist nicht ranzig, leicht zu dosieren was ich sehr gut finde, da manche Aufsätze echt nichts taugen. Finde es wichtig, dass es auch Informationen zum Produkt gibt. Das ist sehr wichtig! Und mit der Verpackung ist auch alles prima gewesen. Sicher verpackt und schnell Versand.

Stefan S.
Top Qualität und schneller Versand

Gerne wieder :)

Bianca B.
Alles super

Sehr gute Öle!

Nicolas B.
Frischer Rosmarinduft daheim

Liebe den frischen Rosmarinduft in meinem Zuhause.


Rosemary oil: powerful and aromatic

Have you ever wondered how you can enrich your kitchen with natural flavors? Or are you looking for a way to give your food a special touch without having to resort to artificial additives? Then rosemary oil might be exactly what you've been looking for. Rosemary oil is so charismatic that it has now turned out to be a real insider tip for refining savory delicacies. Is your mouth already watering? Then you should read the following article from A to Z. Because now you will learn how essential rosemary oil is obtained, whether and how you can use it in food preparation and how you can make the delicious oil yourself for cooking your homemade creations.

Why are essential oils becoming increasingly popular in the kitchen?

Essential oils are becoming increasingly popular in the kitchen, and for good reason. These concentrated plant essences offer a variety of benefits and uses, ranging from enhancing flavor intensity to promoting a healthier lifestyle. Here are a few reasons why essential oils have become a staple in the culinary world:

1. Taste intensity and variety

Essential oils offer aincredible flavor intensity that is difficult to achieve with dried or fresh herbs. A single drop can add a rich, complex flavor to a dish, taking the culinary experience to a new level. The variety of essential oils available—from rosemary to lemon to mint—allows chefs and home cooks to experiment with different flavors and create unique flavor combinations.

2. Long shelf life

Unlike fresh herbs, which can quickly wilt,essential oils have a long shelf life without losing their aromatic or flavor potencyThis makes them a practical and cost-effective option for those who enjoy cooking and value high-quality ingredients.

3. Simplicity and efficiency

With essential oils, taste and aroma can be achieved with just a few drops, making them a quick andeasy way to add depth and complexity to dishesThis is especially useful in today's fast-paced world where time is a valuable commodity.

4. Sustainability

For environmentally conscious cooks,Essential oils are a sustainable alternative to fresh herbsand spices. Since they are in concentrated form, they require less packaging material and transport resources compared to conventional ingredients.

5. Creativity and personalization

Using essential oils in the kitchen opens up new creative possibilities. It allows you to reinterpret traditional recipes and express personal taste preferences. Chefs can experiment with different oils to create signature dishes that stand out from the crowd.

Rosemary essential oil in the kitchen: an aromatic secret

Have you ever thought about taking your cooking skills to the next level? Rosemary essential oil could be just the key. Known for its fresh, spicy scent, rosemary essential oil offers a unique way to intensify the flavor of your dishes. But can you actually use rosemary essential oil in cooking? The answer is yes. But with a few important notes on safety and dosage.

When cooking with essential rosemary oil, you should make sure that the respectiveOil is suitable for consumption. In addition,A few drops of this potent oil are enough, aroundto give your dishes an aromatic depththat is difficult to achieve with dried herbs. Here are a few tips:

  • Less is more:Essential oils are highly concentrated, so a single drop of rosemary essential oil can replace the equivalent of several teaspoons of dried rosemary in your recipe.
  • Always dilute:Before adding an essential oil to your dishes, mix it with a carrier oil such as olive oil or a neutral-tasting vegetable oil. This will help to soften the intensity and ensure an even distribution of the flavor.
  • Creativity is required:It's worth experimenting with rosemary essential oil in different recipes. From marinades to dressings to baked goods and desserts, its robust aroma can be incorporated into many dishes. However, it goes particularly well with lamb, chicken and even certain desserts.
  • Quality counts:Make sure the rosemary essential oil you use is food-grade and of high quality. Look for products that are explicitly labeled as food safe.

Incorporating rosemary oil can be an exciting way to enrich traditional recipes and discover new dimensions of flavor. Whether you're an experienced cook or just looking to expand your culinary horizons, using rosemary essential oil offers a simple yet effective way to enhance your dishes.

Which dishes can be spiced up with rosemary oil?

Even for creative home cooks, it can sometimes be a challenge to keep creating new and exciting recipes that tantalize the taste buds. The following recipe ideas are intended to appeal not only to the palate, but also to creativity:

  1. Grilled roast chicken for your BBQ enjoyment:Use rosemary oil to marinate your chicken before grilling for a flavorful twist.
  2. Juicy rosemary potatoes as a side dish:Don't have any fresh rosemary in the house? Potatoes drizzled with rosemary oil and then baked in the oven until crispy are the perfect addition to any main course.
  3. Pizza with a hint of rosemary:Your homemade pizza becomes a gourmet experience with rosemary oil. Simply drizzle over the pizza after baking.
  4. Rosemary oil dressing for crisp salads:A simple dressing with rosemary oil gives your salad a wonderfully aromatic note.
  5. Pasta with a touch of elegance:Give your pasta dishes a sophisticated touch with a mix of rosemary oil, garlic and olive oil.
  6. Rosemary bread:Add rosemary oil to your bread dough to bake a fragrant and tasty bread.
  7. Soups and stews for cozy evenings:Rosemary oil can enhance your soups and stews and give them a special flavor. Just give it a try. You will be amazed!

If you value purity and quality, then Emma Grün's essential rosemary oil is the perfect addition to your kitchen. If you want to find out how else you can use the concentrated power of rosemary, then you should visit ourBlogYou will be surprised how versatile rosemary oil can be.