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Liquid leather repair set black 7 ml incl. spatula, leather repair gel & synthetic leather repair for cracks & holes

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🛋 Repairs breaks & tears in smooth leather

🌿 Economical : 7 ml for several centimeter cracks

🥄 Perfect results thanks to the spatula

👍 Available in different colors

🇬🇧 Made in Germany

    Du kennst uns vielleicht aus

    Das Problem

    With insufficient leather care, breaks and cracks are not uncommon. A good solution is to repair leather products with liquid leather. Unfortunately, conventional liquid leather often contains chemical ingredients such as polyurethanes , among others. In contact with air, they form toxic gases. When it comes to recycling, the fabrics also perform extremely worryingly. If they are burned, numerous toxic gases such as hydrocyanic acid and dioxins are released, which are harmful to people and the environment.

    Die Lösung

    The Emma Green Liquid Leather repairs your leather using proven home remedies that were already used by our grandmothers. It fills and seals small cracks and holes in products made of imitation or real leather. The result: the visual flaw is perfectly concealed , the material shows no residue and is soft and flexible. And the best thing is: It achieves perfect results without any questionable ingredients.

    Die Anwendung

    Die Anwendung

    The application is very easy and the perfect leather and imitation leather repair. The Emma Green liquid leather/black is also available in other matching leather tones and is suitable for repairing smaller holes, scratches, cracks and breaks. And this is how you proceed: 1. First you have to clean the broken area. Fat residues should also no longer be present. 2. If necessary, you should now carefully smooth out areas that have become rough due to wear and tear with a special leather sanding pad. Then clean the treated area again. 3. Open the cap and fill in the damaged areas with the liquid leather. 4. You can then distribute the liquid leather evenly with the spatula. 5. Depending on the amount of filling that was needed for the leather repair, we recommend that you let the liquid leather dry for one to two hours. Repeat this process until the repair area is evenly filled.

    Inhaltsstoffe: Vegetable surfactants, non-ionic surfactants <5%, pyrithione, sodium salt, preservatives

    Hinweis: Stets vor der Anwendung an einer unauffälligen Stelle testen. Von Kindern fernhalten.

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    Ratgeber & Hintergrundinfos

    Leather damage occurs in many different variations: Some happen through carelessness. Then the leather has a burn hole or is torn, for example. But external influences such as heat, cold, moisture and UV light also affect leather and make it dry and brittle, so that in the worst case it can hardly be repaired.


    Now, we can't really do anything about an accident in advance. But don't worry: If the leather has been damaged in the form of a burn hole or by a pointed object, you can wonderfully conceal the visual blemish as a perfect alternative to the visible repair patch with the Emma Grün liquid leather repair set .


    On the other hand, we can do something about the effects of harmful environmental influences in advance. Because even if leather is extremely hard-wearing by nature, it dries out and becomes brittle if it is not cared for properly. The result: unsightly cracks. You can now find out why leather becomes brittle and how this can be prevented.


    Why does leather become brittle?


    Real leather is an organic raw material and is made from animal skin. In order for a perishable product to become a permanently durable, hard-wearing and supple material, the natural product must be treated appropriately using different manufacturing processes. The type of leather and the tanning used have an influence on the subsequent properties of the natural material. This becomes obvious when you take a closer look at the different types of leather. It quickly becomes apparent that some are more sensitive to external influences and others more robust. However, they all have one thing in common: they need the right care so that they do not become brittle and remain beautiful in the long term. Incidentally, this also applies to artificial leather.


    Caring for artificial leather properly: you should pay attention to this!


    Faux leather care is divided into two processes:


    • Regular cleaning: stains on imitation leather are removed immediately. The material is periodically wiped with a dry cloth.


    • Deep cleaning: You should treat the imitation leather to a deep cleaning two to three times a year. This means that the material is thoroughly cleaned and then treated with an imitation leather care product.


    What do you have to consider when cleaning artificial leather regularly?


    Families with children or dog and cat owners in particular are familiar with situations like this: the surface of the sofa was just free of dirt and stains. As soon as the dear little ones with their sticky hands or the cute furry friends with their grubby paws are romping around on the couch, this unfortunately looks completely different.


    This is not so bad on imitation leather and the mishap is fixed in no time at all. Because if you always remove the stains immediately, dirt particles cannot settle in the material. All you need is a damp cloth or a soft sponge and a mild cleaner such as the sustainable Universal Leather Cleaner from Emma Grün . It removes powerfully and is gentle on the leather. Good tip: Make sure that you don't just rub on one spot, but smooth out the dirt.


    Furthermore, imitation leather should be cleaned of dust and light soiling at regular intervals. Soft cloths and sponges and an appropriate leather cleaning product are also the perfect tools for cleaning large areas.


    What do you have to consider when deep cleaning artificial leather?


    Faux leather needs a deep cleaning including nourishing care from time to time. Depending on the stress, a quarterly or half-yearly treatment makes sense. As the name suggests, you use it to remove deep-seated dirt that remains in the material when it is cleaned on the surface and also provide it with moisturizing substances that artificial leather needs for a long life.


    A mild leather cleaner is suitable for cleaning artificial leather. It is distributed all over the leather. Then wipe with a soft cloth. Stubborn stains should be treated separately. Always make sure that you do not use any aggressive cleaning agents. Because they not only damage the material due to the ingredients, but also the environment.


    We also advise you to use a special care product such as Emma Green Universal Leather Balm for subsequent care. It nourishes both natural and artificial leather. The application is very easy: Apply the nourishing balm thinly and let it dry. Finally, you can wipe the leather surface with a dry, soft cloth and your sofa will shine in new splendor.


    How do you prevent wear and tear on faux leather?


    Of course, it is always better to prevent cracks than to have to repair them afterwards. The following tips will help you prevent this:


    • Avoid direct UV radiation: If imitation leather is exposed to direct sunlight, it can fade sooner or later, depending on the UV resistance of the material. Another problem: the plasticizers contained dry out in the heat and the material becomes brittle and brittle more quickly.


    • Avoid kinks: If you want to store your leather pants or leather jacket for a longer period of time, then consider: items of clothing made of imitation leather should never be creased! Because if they remain in this folded position for a longer period of time, you will never get the creases out again. A perfect alternative is to roll the garments. Imitation leather products such as bags or shoes that cannot be rolled can be stuffed with newspaper and then stored away from dust.


    Leather repair car seats: Practically like new thanks to liquid leather!


    Not only clothing or furnishings are exposed to constant stress and harmful environmental influences. Our car seats made of imitation or real leather can also sing a song about it. That's why it can happen that a small hole or a tear appears in the leather of car seats. No question: this is annoying at first. However, if the defect is corrected immediately, a major and costly repair by a specialist can be avoided. The Emma Grün liquid leather is also made for damage like this. The procedure is not witchcraft and is the same as for repairs on the sofa.


    Also keep in mind that your car seats also need regular cleaning and care. Emma Grün's leather products are economical, clean your leather and provide it with everything it needs to look beautiful. And this without questionable ingredients, but in an environmentally friendly way.