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Cleaning stone 900 g, universal stone for almost all surfaces in the household, environmentally friendly organic cleaning stone

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🍀 Sustainable cleaning

✓ For all surfaces

👍 Made in Germany

💪 Powerful cleaning from vegetable fats

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    Das Problem

    Conventional cleaners contain a large number of chemical substances that are not only harmful to the environment, but also harmful to our health. In addition, they are too aggressive to treat all surfaces with them. This is exactly why in many households it looks like a chemical construction kit under the sink and each individual product promises the same thing: Radiant cleaning results in a matter of seconds. But at what price?

    Die Lösung

    The sustainable cleaning stone from Emma Grün is a real all- rounder when it comes to cleaning. It is suitable for all surfaces, is based 100 percent on vegetable soap and does not contain any questionable ingredients. So from now on you only need an all-purpose cleaner for everything that needs to be cleaned again, save money and do a good service for the environment.

    Anwendung & Weitere Informationen

    Anwendung & Weitere Informationen

    Anwendung: The Emma Grün universal cleaning stone is «Made in Germany». Thanks to the effective ingredients, it is a powerful general all-purpose cleaner and special cleaner in one. It can be used universally and does three things in one operation: It cleans, polishes and at the same time protects surfaces from new dirt. The fact is: it is a real «Putzstein Original» that is productive and keeps what it promises! It is suitable as a cleaning stone/stainless steel, for chrome, ceramics, brass, silver and gold and as a cleaning stone/glass, to name just a few materials. And this is how you proceed: 1. Rub the universal stone lightly with the moistened sponge. 2. Then squeeze the sponge in your hands several times and rub the generated foam over the surfaces to be cleaned while applying slight pressure. 3. Wipe clean with a damp cloth or the soft side of the sponge. 4. Wipe off with clear water: Done! Important: The fine polishing agent creates a slight abrasion. We therefore recommend that you test the suitability of the material on an inconspicuous area before use.

    Inhaltsstoffe: Soap, Polish, Fragrances, Na Salt, Preservatives

    Hinweis: Stets vor der Anwendung an einer unauffälligen Stelle testen. Von Kindern fernhalten.

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    NEU: Emma ist bio-zertifiziert

    NEU: Emma ist bio-zertifiziert

    Wir sind enorm stolz: Emma Grün ist für den Verkauf von Bio-Lebensmittel durch die Prüfgesellschaft ökologischer Landbau mbH bio-zertifiziert (Kontrollstellen-Code: DE-ÖKO-007)

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    Das Emma Grün 100% Zufriedenheits-Versprechen

    Das Emma Grün 100% Zufriedenheits-Versprechen

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    Gründer von Emma Grün

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    Customer Reviews

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    Tolles Produkt, löst auch hartnäckige Verschmutzungen, z.B. Kalkablagerungen.


    Guten Tag,
    das ist ein tolles Produkt. Es funktioniert

    Justina Z.
    Ein wirklich super Produkt

    Ich bin begesitert. Dusche, Bad, Schuhe, ich nehme nur noch den Putzstein. Top!!!! Produkt

    Marco S.

    Putzstein 900 g, Universalstein für nahezu alle Oberflächen im Haushalt, umweltfreundlicher Bio-Putzstein

    Duc T.H.
    Klare Kaufempfehlung

    Der Putzstein ist vielseitig einsetzbar. Sowohl im Bad als auch in der Küche konnte ich die Fliesen und Armaturen einfach reinigen, selbst hartnäckige Kalkflecken waren kein Problem. Das Produkt ist auch super ergiebig und damit eine klare Kaufempfehlung.

    Ratgeber & Hintergrundinfos

    Conventional cleaning agents do not exactly shine with environmentally friendly product properties. The sales tactics of many manufacturers no longer fit into today's world. Because if you believe the advertisements, you always need a different agent to clean different surfaces, which not only costs money, but also pollutes our environment. In the following text you will find out which risks these are and how you can avoid them with the help of organic cleaning agents.


    What problems do conventional household cleaners cause?


    Conventional cleaning agents have one thing in common: they pollute the water due to their chemical ingredients. Also, there are different risks associated with each ingredient of concern. The following substances are of particular concern:


    • softener
    • surfactants
    • oil


    But which environmentally harmful substances cause what damage?


    Petroleum surfactants: what are the risks and what are the sustainable alternatives?


    Petroleum surfactants are washing-active substances and are used in conventional cleaning agents to dissolve greasy dirt. As you can already see from the name, the surfactants are obtained from crude oil: a raw material that does not grow back naturally. Accordingly, it is not surprising that petroleum surfactants pollute the environment. But this is not the only problem they cause: they are also harmful to health. Proven risks are, for example, the drying out of the mucous membranes and our largest organ: the skin. Allergic reactions are also not uncommon during use.


    If we use organic cleaners, we can avoid these risks. Instead of petroleum-based surfactants, they contain those that do their job based on plants. An environmentally friendly example is the sugar surfactant. It cleans powerfully, is biodegradable, does not pollute our environment and is also harmless to humans.


    Softeners: What are the risks of softeners and what are the environmentally friendly alternatives?


    Softeners have the task of supporting surfactants in their washing performance. Questionable ingredients are, for example, polycarboxylate as well as EDTA, NTA and phosphate. Of the chemicals mentioned, phosphate is the most common in household cleaners. If it gets into the environment, this leads to over-fertilization and thus to water bodies tipping over.


    Even organic cleaners cannot do without a softener. However, they are less harmful to the environment. Silicates and citrates are some of them.


    Fragrances: what are the dangers of fragrances and what sustainable alternatives are there?


    Conventional cleaning agents almost always contain synthetic fragrances. A better cleaning result is not achieved with them. Nevertheless, they are added for a short-term scent experience. Unfortunately, they are classified as potentially allergenic.


    Sustainable cleaners contain either no fragrances or natural fragrances. People who have very sensitive skin should also exercise caution with these fragrances. It is particularly advisable for allergy sufferers to use sustainable cleaners without fragrances.


    Preservatives: how harmful are they and which organic alternatives can we use?


    Conventional household cleaners are made more durable with synthetic preservatives. Here, too, a large number is classified as questionable. Formaldehyde is particularly harmful to health, as it can cause allergies and nausea, headaches, asthma and inflammation of the mucous membranes. Formaldehyde is also considered carcinogenic.


    Organic cleaners do without artificial preservatives. Instead, natural ingredients such as citric or lactic acid and alcohol ensure a longer shelf life.


    Disinfectants: What are the risks and what are the environmentally friendly alternatives?


    Disinfectants can also be found in conventional household cleaners. They promise to destroy all germs. Doesn't sound bad at first. Unfortunately, there are also one or two problems. Because freedom from germs also means that harmless germs, which are responsible for strengthening our immune system, are also killed. The second risk: Not all bacteria are eliminated with the help of disinfectants. They form a resistance, which means that they are increasingly difficult to fight.


    A popular disinfectant in conventional cleaners is triclosan. It is believed that the chemical substance is carcinogenic and throws the human hormone balance out of balance. Due to the fact that freedom from germs only makes sense if sick people live in the same household, disinfectant cleaners should definitely be avoided. It is better to use an organic cleaner, because they do not contain any disinfectants.

    Organic cleaners: Less is more!


    In a direct comparison with conventional household cleaners, sustainable products perform far better. Because the ingredients are less harmful and therefore more compatible for the environment and people. They are also the better alternative in terms of cleaning activity. And with good reason! In practice, one finds again and again that almost all surfaces can be cleaned again with a single product, such as the universal cleaning stone from Emma Grün . Due to the sustainable ingredients, they are also less aggressive towards sensitive materials such as leather, chrome, glass or brass. If you clean surfaces like these with scouring milk or scouring powder, irreversible scratches will appear over time, which are ugly to look at and ruin the material.


    You can also do without special limescale removers from now on! Our universal cleaning stone also removes lime residue. In addition, it seals the surfaces so that water, for example in the shower, simply rolls off and the formation of new limescale is significantly delayed.


    Did you know that you can also get your windows and other glass surfaces clean again with the Emma Grün cleaning stone? For this, however, it is important that you only use the foam of the cleaning stone very sparingly so that you can simply remove the all-purpose cleaner with clear water and no streaks remain.


    The same applies to your sports shoes or sneakers: due to its active ingredients, a small amount is enough. It is important that you finally remove all white residue with a damp cotton or microfiber cloth.


    Even cleaning the oven is no longer a stinky problem with the Emma Grün universal cleaning stone. Because unlike oven sprays that irritate the respiratory tract, you only need a small amount of our environmentally friendly product and, depending on how dirty it is, a little more or less muscle power. The application is very easy: foam - clean - rinse and your oven will shine in new splendor. And the best thing about it is: It works without any questionable ingredients!