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📦 Over 51,000 customers 🚚 1-3 days delivery time
📦 Over 51,000 customers 🚚 1-3 days delivery time

Sneaker cleaning set consisting of sneaker cleaning agent 250 ml & accessories (brush & sponge)

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250.0 ml | €79,80 / l
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in stock, ready to be shipped
in stock, ready to be shipped

👟 Perfect cleaning & care in a set

👍 Suitable for all materials

🍀 Free from questionable ingredients

👟 Also available in a set with matching wax and waterproofer

🇬🇧 Made in Germany

    FAQ: Antworten auf häufige Fragen

    Kann ich damit auch Wildlederschuhe reinigen?

    Ja, der Sneaker Reiniger und Schuh Imprägnierer sind für alle Oberflächen geeignet, inklusive Wild- und Rauleder. Lediglich das Schuhwachs klappt dafür nicht. Es ist nur für Glattleder geeignet. 

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 25 reviews
    Markus N.

    Alles Bestens

    Super Reiniger

    Super Produkt! Der Reiniger kam in einer praktischen wiederverschließbaren Tüte inclusive Schwamm und Bürste zum Auftragen und Reinigen. Außerdem war bei dem Paket ein seperater Sprühkopf zum gleichmäßigen Auftragen dabei. Ich habe den Reiniger bei verschiedenen Sneakern verwendet und war bei allen vom Reinigungseffekt begeistert. Geruch ist auch neutral und nicht aufdringlich, alles in allem ein super Kauf, würde ihn auf alle Fälle weiterempfehlen.

    Lennart P.
    Meine Schuhe strahlen wieder

    Meine Schuhe sind vom Feiern immer super schnell dreckig, da habe ich aml diesen Reiniger ausprobiert und ich muss sagen ich bin begeistert! Schnell aufgetragen und mit der Bürste gereinigt und die Schuhe sahen wie neu aus.Einzig der Geruch des Reinigers war sehr neutral, ichh hätte mir einen etwas stärkeren Geruch gewünscht.Würde das Produkt jederzeit wieder kaufen! Klasse!

    The problem

    Conventional sneaker cleaners and care products often consist of synthetic ingredients . Looking at the information on the labels, we discover chemical substances such as sulfates, resins and silicones. It is now known that these substances are not good for the environment and people. They are also not the perfect choice for our beloved sneakers: Because instead of taking good care of them, the aggressive ingredients make the fabric brittle and the leather only works on the surface, which is simply not enough.

    The solution

    Sustainable products like those in the Emma Grün Sneaker Cleaner Set do their job without chemicals that have to be labeled. They contain natural ingredients that act powerfully against dirt and are gentle on the material . Another advantage: the nourishing substances penetrate deeply and nourish from the inside. As a result, your beloved sneakers are perfectly protected against external influences and you can enjoy them for longer.

    The application

    The application

    The sustainable Emma Grün sneaker cleaner removes stubborn dirt and discolouration without damaging the material of your favorite shoes. It is suitable for materials such as fabric, rubber and all types of natural and artificial leather in all colors. Our product is also free of questionable ingredients, harmless to people and the environment and therefore the perfect "white shoe cleaner"! You'll see: The application is also child's play: 1. Brush the shoes dry beforehand and remove coarse dirt. 2. Dip the brush in a bowl of lukewarm water and then spray with the cleaning spray. We recommend using the sponge to clean sensitive materials. 3. Then clean your sneakers with the prepared brush. 4. Finally, polish with the soft sponge and your shoes will shine like new again. Tip: for the subsequent care there are sets with impregnation spray and shoe wax.

    Suitable surfaces

    Every surface needs its own treatment - from smooth leather to wood to
    Marble. Here you can see where you can best use the product.


    Note: Always test on an inconspicuous area before use. Keep away from children.

    The Emma Green 100% Satisfaction Promise

    The Emma Green 100% Satisfaction Promise

    We stand for sustainable and effective products at fair prices and are only happy when you, the customer, are too. We are grateful that you have placed your trust in our young team more than fifty thousand times. This spurs us on anew every day.

    If something goes wrong with your order, you can return your product free of charge . True to our motto "Everything for your smile".

    If you have questions about orders and products, you can always reach us via chat or email.

    We look forward to hearing from you

    ~ Jannik & Louis

    Founder of Emma Green

    Fast shipping, secure payment & best price

    Fast shipping, secure payment & best price

    When it comes to dirt, small repairs and handicraft projects, things have to be done quickly . That's why we always ship your order the very next day. If you order early, even on the same day.

    This means that you usually have your order in your hands within two days (within Germany).

    We also want to make sure you get the best price here. If you find our products somewhere cheaper, just send us a message . You can pay as you prefer, from bank transfer to PayPal to credit card

    Fast, reliable, safe. Anything for your smile.

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    Advice & background information

    Sneakers are wonderfully comfortable and stylish. This is exactly why most people have at least one pair of fashionable shoes in their closet. They are now available in different designs and colors, which not only tempts sneaker lovers to constantly expand their collection. However, it is the same with shoes as with everything else in life: If they are not properly cared for, they no longer look as chic as before within a short time. This is not surprising either. Because shoes in particular have a strenuous life. They carry us from A to B and are constantly exposed to wind and weather.


    Dirt, rain, heat and cold take a toll on our shoes. With the wrong care, our favorite shoes in particular suffer, look unsightly in no time due to holes and stains and are then replaced with a new pair with a heavy heart. You could save a lot of money with regular and sustainable shoe care and at the same time do the environment a good service.


    Because if we consider that in Germany around 380 million pairs of shoes end up in the garbage every year, this number should give us food for thought. Even more frightening is the fact that 8,000 liters of water and 3.6 kilograms of CO₂ were required to manufacture the sorted shoes. In times when our environment is practically crying out for help, an unnecessary madness that would be easy to prevent. The fact is that shoes are often discarded after just one year due to stains, tears and holes. With the right attention, it is not magic to give your shoes a long life.


    The right shoe care: makes sense before you wear them for the first time!


    So that your textile or leather sneakers can withstand all weather influences right from the start, you should treat them with an environmentally friendly waterproofing spray before you wear them for the first time. Only then will they benefit from an impeccable protective shield that repels dirt and moisture. For sneakers made of smooth or artificial leather, we advise you to choose a natural shoe wax made of wool or beeswax for the perfect protection. When using it, remember that less is often more when it comes to shoe care! Apply only a very thin layer. This allows the leather to breathe, the active ingredients can penetrate deep into the material and your sneakers are protected all around.


    How often should you clean your sneakers?


    There's no question: sneakers need to be cleaned when they're dirty. It is best to remove smaller stains immediately using a sustainable agent such as Emma Green Sneaker Spray . This way you avoid the dirt eating into the material and cleaning the shoes is also easier. But you should not only clean the shoe itself regularly. The rubber soles also need attention and care. Remove coarse dirt residues in advance. Then you can use the Emma Grün sneaker spray and the brush included in the sneaker cleaning set/shoe cleaner set to get rid of the remaining dirt. Psst, the laces also need a little water and detergent from time to time. Remember that you do not clean them on the shoe, but separately.


    Cleaning sneakers: This is how you get shoes made of knit, mesh, mixed fabrics or fabric clean again!


    In the case of isolated stains, treat the stain directly using a soft cloth soaked in Shoe Cleaner, leave to work and finally remove again with a damp microfibre cloth. You can also use a soft brush to remove deep-seated dirt from the material. You should always keep one thing in mind when cleaning: It is better to treat heavy soiling gently twice than once using aggressive agents and utensils. Your sneakers will thank you!


    If you want to completely clean your sneakers with textile uppers, you can use significantly more water than for leather models. The following tips will help you to ensure that they do not deform during drying:


    1. After cleaning, pat dry with a clean cloth.
    2. Then stuff the shoes with newspaper and let them dry at room temperature. Important: To keep them from losing their shape, please never place them near a heater or in the sun to dry.
    3. To protect against moisture and renewed soiling, it is advisable to re-impregnate your sneakers.


    Cleaning sneakers: This is how your shoes made of smooth or suede leather will shine again!


    You can also clean your natural leather sneakers in no time at all with the right cleaning and care products. Dampen your Emma Green Cleaning Sponge from the sneaker cleaning kit with Emma Green Sneaker Cleaner . Then let the sponge wander over your shoes in circular movements from above towards the sole. Once your sneakers are clean, wipe them down with a soft cloth until they are dry. Finally, for perfect care, finish with a thin layer of leather wax from the Emma Grün Shoe Cleaning Kit and your sneakers are chic again and protected against all influences.


    Cleaning sneakers: How to remove stubborn stains!


    To treat difficult stains, we recommend a targeted application using a sustainable sneaker cleaner. Simply wet the stain with the cleaner and then remove it with a soft sponge or microfiber cloth. Good tip: Before use, the respective product should always be checked for material compatibility in an inconspicuous place. Also note that shoes made of smooth leather need a different type of cleaning and care than models made of suede.


    How do you get white sneakers clean again?


    White specimens in particular often feel like they attract dirt and stains like moths attract light. But don't worry: Fortunately, there are the perfect sustainable cleaners and a few home remedies that will make your white sneakers pristine white again after the treatment.


    Baking powder, washing soda & toothpaste: Mix two to three tablespoons of baking powder or washing soda with warm water and apply the paste to the white sneaker with a sponge in circular movements. Repeat this process about two to three times and then wash the mixture off with clear water. If you are not yet satisfied with the result achieved in some areas, we have an insider tip for you: Put some white toothpaste on an old toothbrush and work on the stain in a targeted manner. Finally, remove all residues with clear water and your shoes will be bright white again.


    By the way: The firmer the leather of your sneakers, the more prone they are to creases, which can quickly lead to unsightly tears or holes. You can prevent this with the right care. A natural care wax with wool fat or beeswax makes your leather sneakers wonderfully supple.


    Another utensil that gives your shoes a longer life are the good old shoe trees. They reduce unsightly creases and, in addition to a regular care ritual, are the perfect prevention against cracks and deformations. Good tip: If small scratches appear on your favorite sneakers due to wear and tear, you can conceal this flaw visually in no time at all with Emma Green liquid leather.